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Gifting has a long history among the people of the Americas. In addition to individual gifting, large scale gifting is institutionalized in the form of Giveaways, Potlatches and similar ceremonies. Gifting is a way of expressing gratitude and thanksgiving, not just to the folks involved, but to Creator as well. Gifting not only included material goods, but often services and sometimes sacrifices as well.

In the long agos when everyone knew each other, the gifts given in appreciation of blessings and ceremonies reflected the giver's personal knowledge of the Elder's or Medicine man's personal needs and circumstances. Thus an Elder might be gifted with a horse, or a new rifle or a steel knife depending on his needs of the moment.

However, about 30 or 40 years ago, money became an acceptable gift providing its use was specified. Thus an Elder might be gifted with $50 and told it was to buy clothing for his Grandchildren. This was only possible, however, because the giver knew the Elder and his circumstances, in this case that the Elder had Grandchildren.

Today, as the personal link between people becomes more tenuous, money alone, without its use being specified, is becoming an acceptable gift. However, this poses the risk of the exchange being seen as a commercial one between buyer and seller. It is not. Gifting remains an outward manifestation of an inward state of deep appreciation and thanksgiving.

Kirby Sattler - Medicine Dog
Medicine Dog
Kirby Sattler
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Because a gift is a reflection of an internal state, only the giver, often after prayer and meditation, can decide what gift will adequately reflect his sense of gratitude.

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