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Seeking Distant Blessings

Prayer Ties

The creation and subsequent destruction of small Prayer Ties is one traditional way of getting in touch with the yearnings of your own heart. As each tie is made, say a heart-felt prayer. This transfers your yearning into the tobacco tie. When all wanting is drained from you, the making stops.

Then you smudge the Prayer Ties and offered them to Creator, usually through burning (fire). But the ties can be given to a river (water), hung in a bush in the wilds (air) or even buried (earth). The number of ties you make demonstrates the depths of your desire. Sometimes thousands of ties are made, although hundreds is more typical. Occasionally only a few dozen might be made. But whatever the number, the Prayer Ties hold your heart's desires and, as the ties are released, they carry your yearnings to Creator.

If you truly desire the blessings of Hoop Reiki, then I request you make these small Prayer Ties, with appropriate ceremony, as a prayer offering. When you have completed the ceremony, send an email to me, K'sitew. Please include your experiences with the Prayer Ties, a prayer to Creator in your own words and the reason you are seeking the Hoop Reiki blessings. I will provide you with a time and ceremony for receiving the first Hoop Reiki Blessing. Subsequent blessings are at my discretion.

After receiving each blessing, tradition requires you to gift the person conducting the blessing ceremony. Your gift is NOT a payment for the ceremony, but an expression of your gratitude and a symbol of value you place upon the blessing received. Because only you and your Creator know the extent of your thankfulness and how deeply you value the blessing received, only you, after meditation and prayer, can determine what is an appropriate gift.

With the gifting, the circle is closed. You may begin a new circle by including your request for the next blessing with your gift.

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