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Seeking the Blessings Directly

To request Hoop Reiki Blessings directly, arrange to meet with your Hoop Reiki master. He will give whatever instructions are required. Should you desire to receive your direct blessings from me, K'sitew, prepare for the meeting by obtaining print, tobacco and a smudge and present them when we meet. During the session share your reasons for seeking the Hoop Reiki Blessings. If I accept your offering of tobacco, you will receive the first blessing or attunement.

After receiving each blessing, tradition requires you to gift the person conducting the blessing ceremony. Your gift is NOT a payment for the ceremony, but an expression of your gratitude and a symbol of value you place upon the blessing received. Because only you and your Creator know the extent of your thankfulness and how deeply you value the blessing received, only you, after meditation and prayer, can determine what is an appropriate gift.

With the gifting, the circle is closed. You may begin a new circle by including your request for the next blessing with your gift.

Stay Informed

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